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Dalmatian Coast Is The Next Riviera

Europeans long favoured Croatia’s coastal resorts as a low-key alternative to Greece, Italy, and Spain without the obvious tourist traps or over-inflated prices. And right now, the islands of Southern Croatia…

  Dalmatian Coast Is The Next Riviera

Korčula – Black & White Knights

From June to October visitors to the Island of Korčula can enjoy regular performances by Knight Societies. The traditional war dances of Moreška, Kumpanija and Moštra have been kept alive on the island…

  Moreška War Dance - Black & White Knights

Istria – The Truffle Hunt Is On Again

Fresh ingredients and local festivals make summer and autumn the perfect seasons for food lovers to explore Croatia. Istria – Croatia’s northern peninsula is bursting with all things delicious at this very…


Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity, as travellers’ seek different kinds of holidays. Adventure travel is classed as any type of tourist activity, including physical activity, cultural exchange, or interaction, and engagement with nature…

  Adventure Tourism

Croatia – Best Region For Overall Service

After a few years of being ranked second or third in the region by the overall quality of services, Croatia has this year broken out in the first place, ahead of Slovenia, which has for several years firmly held the top position. This was announced by the Heraklea…

  Croatia - The Best In Region For Overall Quality Of Service

Kravat-Regiment Guard Change

The Kravat Regiment is a Croatian light cavalry regiment from the XVII century. Except for the extraordinary heroism of its soldiers, the cavalry was recognisable for the picturesque scarves worn around the neck by its soldiers as part of their uniform, after which…

  Kravat-Regiment Guard Change

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