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Sightseeing & Excursions 2016
ex Šibenik Riviera, Croatia


Np Krka – Visovac – Roški Waterfall

Coach drive through the karst of the Šibenik hinterland to the town of Skradin, then boat ride to the amazing Krka Waterfalls Skradinski buk.

Located in the lovely Krka National Park, the falls cascade over 17 natural barriers. This permanent play of sun and water creates a breathtaking scenery. After sightseeing of the Skradinski buk we shall visit a small islet in the middle of the lake Visovac for a visit to the Franciscan monastery of the same name, a valuable cultural and historical monument. The Roški waterfall, Roški slap, is exceptionally interesting due to its cascades, which the locals called the “necklace” due to the lush vegetation, mills and pillars, some of which have been restored, and much, much more.


Departure from the hotel according to plan
10:00 – Arrival at NP Krka – entrance Skradin
10:00 – 10:30 – Boat ride to Skradinski buk waterfall
10:30 – 13:00 – Sightseeing of Skradinski buk, free time for individual activities
13:00 – 14:10 – Boat ride to Visovac islet, sightseeing (approx 30 min)
14:10 – 14:35 – boat ride to Roški waterfall
14:35 – 16:00 – sightseeing and free time for individual activities
16:00 – bus ride back to Vodice, Šibenik
17:00 – Arrival in Vodice, 17:30 in Šibenik

Pick Up 

Pirovac – Hotel Miran: 8.00am
Tisno – Hotel Borovnik: 8.10am
Primošten – Hotel Zora: 8.30am
Vodice – Hotel Punta (bus station): 8.30am
Vodice – Hotel Imperial: 8.30am
Vodice – Hotel Olympia: 8.30am
Vodice – Ville Matilde: 8.30am
Šibenik – D-Resort: 8.50am
Solaris – Main entrance: 9.00am

Departure TBA
Includes Transfers, Guide, Entrance fees to the National Park,  Boat ride 
Code: 2016-EL

Trogir & Split

Trogir is a small town under the cultural protection of the UNESCO.

Trogir arose from the ancient Tragurion, and is full of buildings and monuments testifying to its rich history. There stands the Cathedral with its famous portal by the well-known local master Radovan, the City Loggia from the 15th century, the Cipiko palace, the Town Hall, and the Benedictine monastery from the year 1064, where a Greek relief is kept representing Kairos (the God of auspicious moment).

After sightseeing of the town of Trogir and free time for individual exploring we start our bus ride towards Split.

Split is situated on a peninsula and surrounded by historical towns and settlements.

We shall take a walk through the 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace to visit its ancient Cellars, Peristyle, Roman temples (today Christian ones), Cathedral and Baptistry, and then the famous Golden Gate.


Departure from the hotel according to plan
09:50 – Arrival in Trogir, city sightseeing, time for individual activities
12:00 – Departure to Split
13:00 – City sightseeing, time for individual activities
16:30 – Departure from Split
18:30 – Arrival in Šibenik

Pick Up

Pirovac – Hotel Miran: 7.30am
Tisno – Hotel Borovnik: 7.40am
Vodice – Hotel Punta (bus station): 8.00am
Vodice – Hotel Imperial: 8.00am
Vodice – Hotel Olympia: 8.00am
Vodice – Ville Matilde: 8.00am
Šibenik – D-Resort: 8.20am
Solaris – Main entrance: 8.30am
Primošten – Hotel Zora: 9.00am

Departure TBA
Includes Transfers, Tour guide, Local guide, Entrance fees to Cathedral of St. Domnius in Split & Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir
Code: 2016-EL

NP Plitvice Lakes

Situated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. Sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through its picturesque surrounding. Plitvice Lakes were declared a National Park in 1949, and since 1979, they have been on the UNESCO’s List of World Natural Heritage.
The park’s attractions also include several caves and a great variety of flora and fauna. A guided tour of the park lasts for about two and a half hours, including both a boat ride and a walking tour.
Join us to enjoy the magic beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, creating spectacular scenery.


Departure from the hotel according to plan
11:00 – Arrival at NP Plitvice lakes, exploring the NP on foot, by boat and train
15:00 – Departure from NP Plitvice
15:15 – Free time for lunch and individual activities
16:15 – Departure
19:15 – Arrival in Šibenik

Pick Up 

Primošten – Hotel Zora: 7.00am
Solaris – Main entrance: 7.30am
Šibenik – D-Resort: 7.35am
Vodice – Hotel Punta (bus station): 8.00am
Vodice – Hotel Imperial: 8.00am
Vodice – Hotel Olympia: 8.00am
Vodice – Ville Matilde: 8.00am
Tisno – Hotel Borovnik: 8.20am
Pirovac – Hotel Miran: 8.35am

Departure TBA
Includes Transfer, Guide, Entrance fees to Plitvice Lakes National Park
Code: 2016-EL

NP Krka & Šibenik

The town of Šibenik was founded more than a thousand years ago, and today it is a harmonious combination of the old part with its narrow and steep streets and the new part with its modern architecture. The most important monument is the Gothic-Renaissance cathedral of St. Jacob located in the central town square. By its beauty, construction particularities and style characteristics, it represents not only the major and the most valuable monument of the town’s architectural heritage, but it is also a unique monument of the European sacral architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2001. After the visit of the town of Šibenik, our ride continues through the karst hinterland region of the Šibenik Riviera to the famous Krka Waterfalls. Located in a beautiful natural setting Krka River forms magnificent waterfalls cascading over 17 natural barriers. The natural beauties here reach their climax in a perpetual play of water and sun. Leisure time for strolling and taking photographs of the wonderful landscape.


Departure from the hotel according to plan
10:30 – Arrival in Sibenik, sightseeing. Free time for individual activities.
12:30 – Arrival at the NP Krka, sightseeing of NP Krka, free time
16:00 – Departure from NP Krka and bus ride back to Split
16:45 – Arrival in Primošten

Pick Up

Primošten – Hotel Zora: 10.15am

Departure TBA
Includes Transfers, Tour guide, Sightseeing with local guide in Šibenik, Entrance fees: Krka Waterfalls National Park
Code: 2016-EL

NP Kornati – NP Telašćica

The Kornati archipelago consists of 140 islands and islets. Due to its exceptional and unrivalled beauty, the archipelago was declared a National Park in 1980. A pleasant sail among the islands will bring us to one of them, where we shall disembark to enjoy the picturesque environment, as well as a lunch of grilled fish and famous Dalmatian wine, which will add to the relaxing atmosphere.


09:00 – Departure with a boat to NP “Kornati”
Boat ride throughout NP Kornati (alongside the cliffs and the Islands of Mana and
Rašip) till the nature park of Telašćica.
12:00 – Lunch on the boat – fish picnic
Free time for individual activities and swimming at the Salt Lake
14:45 – Departure from the Salt Lake – approx
17:30 – Arrival to Vodice – approx

Pick Up 

Solaris – Main entrance: 8.00am
Vodice – Main port: 9.00am

Departure TBA
Includes Transfers, Guide, Lunch (fish picnic) & wine, Entrance fees to Kornati Islands National Park
Code: 2016-EL


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