Croatia Times Travel
182 Lincoln Rd, Henderson
Auckland 0610
T: +64 9 838 7700

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You are about to travel to a very special part of the world.

Is your ideal holiday to lie on a quiet secluded beach, with crystal clear waters lapping at your feet?  Or do you enjoy scuba diving in unexplored bays?  Perhaps you prefer to walk through ancient cities absorbing the centuries old history of the walled town that you are wandering through.  Maybe you would like to drive through the cool hillsides – escaping the summer heat, and having a rustic lunch under a grapevine covered pergola.  Have you always dreamed of exploring medieval castles that you read about in childhood stories?  Perhaps you enjoy walking through Roman and Greek ruins, or sailing the Adriatic Coast.  These are the places where ancient civilizations flourished, and you are just a journey away from visiting the most beautiful places on Earth!