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• Cruise the magnificent Adriatic coastline and islands on board a cruise ship
• Take time to explore the many small islands and villages where large ships cannot cruise
• Experience true Croatian culture and local hospitality
• Discover history and all its fascinating architecture and legends

Adriatic has lured the travellers for centuries – first the conquerors that instead of conquering fell in love with the beauty of Dalmatian islands and shores as well as local girls, dropped the anchors, built their homes and added their customs to the colourful traditions of this amazing region. And then the Austro-Hungarian royalty who established the first tourist resorts along the coast and taming the rugged Croatian coastline into the playground for the rich and famous. Today modern travellers are offered all possible facilities to enjoy this unique slice of paradise and cruising is the most appropriate way of seeing it all – majestic mountain ranges overhanging the ancient villages, neat rows of olive groves and vineyards, scent of pine trees, spices and lavender and that endless blue sky…

Sailing the Adriatic on board a vintage ship is by far the best way to experience the unique beauty of the Dalmatian coast and its islands. Our small vintage ships offer simple yet comfortable accommodation for up to 35 passengers, a friendly crew and homemade food. During the day you can sunbathe or swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea. In the evening step ashore to explore the rich culture and history of the Croatian ports.