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Croatia Times Travel Team

Our team of highly experienced travel professionals have an in-depth knowledge of Croatia and the wider European Continent. We regularly travel to Europe, receiving updates on the latest travel products, inspecting many locations and familiarising ourselves with the products we represent. Whether you choose a self drive holiday stopping in picture perfect villages, or a tour combing the many ancient cities, or just lazing on a luxury yacht while your skipper maneuvers his way around the many islands of the beautiful Adriatic, we give you choices in making your holiday a unique experience to remember.

Meet The Frontliners

Marija Kapiteli

The original face behind Croatia Times Travel and Croatia Airlines in New Zealand, Marija is the driving force of the business, bringing 30 years of travel industry experience to her role in managing the operation.  Her background includes time in fleet and hotel management and a long history in the Airline industry. A totally focused and hands on operator, Marija’s great knowledge and direction inspires confidence and trust in her team.  Having travelled extensively around the world for as long as she can remember, today she is happiest leading the way for others… and on a good day she’ll muse about taking us all to her Island on the Adriatic – the place she calls “beautiful”.  The fact that her family feels the same way, makes you think that maybe we should all go and see what this magic is about.


Joanna Meinhold

An impressive 29 years in travel – obviously Joanna started working right from daycare! Whether it’s cycling with her boys, walking her dog along the beach, or climbing the old wall of Dubrovnik, nothing holds back this human dynamo. Joanna’s travels have taken her to Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, South America, EUROPE (Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and many more other destinations. From the early years that Joanna joined our team she never failed to impress us with her serious approach and no-nonsense manner in dealing with the situation on hand. From amazing itineraries, to genius ticket reissues, every task was researched, and when she said there were 143 steps from the apartment to the old city of Dubrovnik, we never doubted her for a moment – we knew that she would have personally counted them.  An avid traveller, taking care of travel – the perfect combination and person to manage your travel arrangements.


Ela Patajac

In 1987 Ela started her career as a Tour Escort, representing several tour operators, travelling throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkan regions. Her practical approach and easy manner, and her ability to freely converse in several foreign languages saw her promoted to Hotel Representative working at some of the finest Croatian resort locations on the Adriatic. In her role as European Specialist Ela offers wisdom and experience. We call her the “Eternal Earth Mother” always giving advice and taking care of the little things. She occasionally surprises us bringing in home baking. All her recipes are from “the Old Country”. Really a treasured member of our team. When asked what gives her the greatest pleasure in her role with us, she responds “creating completely unique itineraries for agents to share with their clients”.


Desa Posa

In 1989 Desa started her career as a Travel Consultant, today progressing to the top of her field. Destinations visited include: Australia, Pacific Islands, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA and EUROPE (Croatia, Italy, France, UK). She is brightest and at her best managing the intricate details of a beautifully woven itinerary. In her role as Senior Travel Consultant she brings with her a wealth of information and expertise, as well as a warm and caring personality and sparkling smile. She says it’s the little things that go into making the big package special.  After work, you may catch a glimpse of Desa at the sideline of one of the many football matches cheering her boys on to another win – she says it’s all about building team spirit.



Teodora Antunovich

Our longest serving part-timer who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communications Degree, Teordora easily slots herself between Inside Sales and IT Support roles during her semester breaks. She is an ace on the keyboard and a whiz on the computer, offering great back up support. Having travelled to Europe, USA and Asia, she is happy to discuss travel and shopping tips to favourite destinations.